Create New Product
(Using your basic ingredients)
Ready to Eat/Heat/Cook
Natural Foods
Organic Foods
Getting Started

From concepts to completion
Business Plans
Marketing Plans
Stategy Plans
Slaughterhouses for Beef/Pork
Design Production Processing Lines

Create better yield & production
Clear Production processes
Detail Products Specifications
Space Planning & Layout
Renovations & Expansions
Equipment Requirements
Cost Analysis

Standard Procedures
Product Specifications
Cost Controls
Quality Management
Production Requirements
Training of Staff

Managment & Marketing within the business
Day to day planning
Label Consulting

Label Expediting
Generic Label Review
Labeling Guides
Nutrition Labeling
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Paths

Cutting-edge Pathogen Intervention Stategies
Food Safety/Hygiene
Health & Safety
Food Law
Market Analysis

Market Segmentation
Target Market Segment Strategy
Industry Analysis

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