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Today, change is one of the few constants on which the meat industry can depend. Sweeping trends have transformed our business, demanding ever greater innovations to adapt to today’s ever changing Market.

Whether you are a meat service operator, retailer or processor, you’ve got to stay on top of all the changes, innovations, and trends in the meat industry. Having the right information can make the difference in your business.

HRB Consulting is a leading independent company specializing in the Meat Industry developing, evaluating, and testing meat products. Reviewing and substantiating product claims for regulatory compliance and developing cutting-edge pathogen intervention strategies. We specialize in Pork/Beef slaughterhouses and processing.

Over the years, Henning Bollerslev, founder of HRB Consulting LLC, has played an integral role in the industry’s formation and growth through his work with many of the top meat processors in the Mississippi Valley States. As key issues like purity, potency, yields, slice ability, and quality standards take center stage, Henning Bollerslev can help companies perform at their highest level. He understands the competitive pressures companies face and knows how to develop and improve products so that they perform to exact specifications.

Henning Bollerslev is, first and foremost, advisor, problem solver and troubleshooter. He works in partnership with his clients, focusing on helping clients build strategic knowledge. From product development to processing, from packaging to advertising claims, start to finish, he provides objective technical advice to help clients make sound business decisions.

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